Soul Perception

We judge others,  in our physical bondage,  be aware our souls do not judge. All emotion thought, felt, expressed,  here is our souls growth,  Countless existances we as souls have lived.  

Oppressor and oppressed,  abuser and abused,  young, old, athletic, disabled, male female,  mother, father, brother, sister, soldier, sailor, nurse. Our souls have lived it all, and understand creation. 

To understand we have to become,  to become aware we have to live,  you I and we are souls.  We should not judge, but strive to understand. 



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I am a 57 year old Security officer and Medium and Healer I have just done my first post about my diet I really enjoyed doing it so I have decided to keep writing about my life and times spiritual journey and observations on life and maybe a poem or to when inspired

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