Rising up from my Past:- Service and Soul Lessons for a Lost Soul

Drowning in my past, stifled by past glories, am I destined to be a memory, of once was in heart and mind. The unknown creation beckons a new age, have I the fire and grace to serve,  as I gaze upon all time passed by.

Spirit beside me always as we walked through, the light and darkness of my choices. A journey of service to spirit is a lonely road, for a 23 year old  man, bringing the teachings and messages of spirit to the grieving, brokenhearted, and lost, healing to the sick I had found my calling in life. The more I did the more I was asked to do,   privately I was alone looking for​ the other half of my heart. 

Spirit love illuminates my darkness, as I look up to the source of light from the depths of my sorrow and regret. I cannot be that young man full of fire and grace, I have aged and walked down the road of my illusions, seeking what I am when in truth what I sought I am not, my love was blind.

Awakening in the autumn of my life, I look up to the  pale twilight sun. Merlin looks at me with warmth in his eyes, telling me all reality perceived my thoughts and emotions  felt throughout my life, have been my souls lessons and learning, they have brought me to this destiny, continue to walk your pathway serve us from your heart, the wanderer has now come home.





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I am a 59 year old Spiritual Healer and Spiritualist Platform Medium, I wrote my first blog in December 2016 about my diet, I really enjoyed writing it so have been writing about my spiritual journey and realisation since then, also adding poetry when inspired I hope you enjoy reading

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