Is It Wrong To Be Natural There For The Grace Of Life Go I

Being what we are as spiritual people, does not mean we do not have fantasies and desires, or to live life to the full yes I love a drink, yes I love sex and at times colourful sex, I am a child of my era I have worked and played hard being a channel for spirit does not mean I am holier than thou, I just love and care spiritual service is my niche, it means I am living in this life with all my human frailties, channels for spirit listen up be down to earth be natural, connect with the people who come to us for help, let them know you are on a pathway to resonate with them, show them there is a better way, from life experience let them know by the grace of life go we.


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I am a 57 year old Security officer and Medium and Healer I have just done my first post about my diet I really enjoyed doing it so I have decided to keep writing about my life and times spiritual journey and observations on life and maybe a poem or to when inspired

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