Don’t Think It Matters At All

Does the ego really matter with all its hurt feelings, all dark emotion exists in ego hatred, anger, bitterness, jealousy, self doubt,  by allowing others to be our master, we become the slave of ego, does the pain of dark emotion, matter within the moment of time.

Ego is the messenger to a higher state of being, all that matters is the wellbeing of our loving heart, does it really matter when others shroud us in their darkness, it is truly a reflection of their state of being, we should not allow ourselves to be brought down into darkness, we should seek the love in our hearts, to light the path rising above the darkness of others, our service to share our loving hearts light with all.

Stephen Rowlands 17/09/19


Love Is Deeper Now

My  journey of life has taken me down the roads, of solitude, loneliness, failure, anger, pain, love, service and triumph, the pathway of change brought me to you love is deeper now.

Your love brings a peace to my soul, that my mind cannot invent, my heart reaches out for your love seeking unity with your soul, love is deeper now.

The light of your love creates a rainbow, through the rain encouraging me to be the best I can be, love is deeper now. 

My love for you ascends to the stars above, every day I give thanks for you,   love is deeper now.

The gift of your love gives me balance between earth and sky, I will never be alone, love is deeper now.

We choose to walk together in heart and mind on this journey of life, love is deeper now.

Today we  blend our hearts together within the sanctuary of marriage,  loves lessons learned  love is deeper now.

(C) Stephen Rowlands 07/09/19