I Pray

Every morning I pray for the sick and suffering to be healed

I pray that the wisdom and power of unconditional love, fills all hearts and minds, so that we may create a world of harmony, balance, kindness, tolerance, love, and compassion, for all.

I pray and give thanks to you Great Spirit, for allowing me to serve you as a channel for Angels and Spirit. I ask  that all is done in service for you, is for the greatest and highest good.

I pray that I may always seek the highest good from myself, not only in service to you, but for the best possible life I can achieve, for me and all around me. 

I pray for Guidance to overcome my troubles, and to lead me to where I should be, and doing what I should be doing.

My prayer gives me focus on the new day, although I have my work to do, my prayer takes me out of my material mind, and closer to my creator, letting me know all things are possible, and that I am the creator of my life in thought and deed.

Prayer is thought, Prayer is mindfulness, Prayer is love, Prayer is from the heart, Prayer is the truth of our being, our connection our guide.


Stephen Rowlands 07/09/17


Rising up from my Past:- Service and Soul Lessons for a Lost Soul

Drowning in my past, stifled by past glories, am I destined to be a memory, of once was in heart and mind. The unknown creation beckons a new age, have I the fire and grace to serve,  as I gaze upon all time passed by.

Spirit beside me always as we walked through, the light and darkness of my choices. A journey of service to spirit is a lonely road, for a 23 year old  man, bringing the teachings and messages of spirit to the grieving, brokenhearted, and lost, healing to the sick I had found my calling in life. The more I did the more I was asked to do,   privately I was alone looking for​ the other half of my heart. 

Spirit love illuminates my darkness, as I look up to the source of light from the depths of my sorrow and regret. I cannot be that young man full of fire and grace, I have aged and walked down the road of my illusions, seeking what I am when in truth what I sought I am not, my love was blind.

Awakening in the autumn of my life, I look up to the  pale twilight sun. Merlin looks at me with warmth in his eyes, telling me all reality perceived my thoughts and emotions  felt throughout my life, have been my souls lessons and learning, they have brought me to this destiny, continue to walk your pathway serve us from your heart, the wanderer has now come home.





The Voice Of My Heart

Silence manifests a stillness in early morn

Calling my heart to rise to its highest self

From my material being inertia in thought

Struggling against the shackles of my daily life

Twisting my emotions to anger denying love

Awoken and alive the selfless love of spirit

Envelopes the radiant light of love within me

Beckoning me to a pathway of service

My Truth My Way My Light

May never this worldly darkness fade


Love Lost and Found

Uncertain as love is, truth is a stranger, to those who seek mortal flesh, but chide union and companionship of mind. The truth I seek in the darkness alone, an old love burial, you die let me live.

Coming back to life, aware of all creations, beauty and tragedy. Is my love the illusion of a lady I foolishly seek, am I to be alone on this pathway, taking small steps in this unknown creation.

Spirit you walk with me I serve you, lessons learned I have found the truth I love.

Stephen Rowlands  




Mortal life is but a glimpse of all things, in our waking consciousness. What are memories,  reflections naught but time can advocate. Time is a useless measure, as our reflections prove, nothing loses its forward momentum, in this revolving universe as life goes on.

Reflections of love when time makes no sense, moving forward I cannot go back, to thank you to tell you I love you. I converse with you within this moment, sadly this moment will leave me, and the future is a time,  we do not dwell. I turn this moment to the past, to be with you, like an old favourite film, I press replay

Sadness manifests as I stumble into the next moment, seeing your smile feeling your words calling within my heart, do your best beautiful boy, live the best life you can. I tell you with all my heart I promise you the best I can, knowing you walk with me, where time does not exist,  and love is eternal and still.



DEDICATED TO Elwyn Rowlands My Dad 27/11/29 – 14/10/15