Hearts Awakening

The blood red of the rose has filled my eyes with lustful passion, its thorns have stabbed deep into my heart, oh what an enigma love is. I have flown to the sun, my heart soaring like an eagle, on loves  celestial wings, and been cast into the deepest darkest  abyss, when love had abandoned me.

Solitude was my healer as I navigated the turbulent waters, of self discovery seeking the truth of my heart, Love is the truth within my heart. A selfless love to be given unconditionally, to all who seek spirit, a woman to love my heart was an illusion to me.

My heart slept in loves sweet hibernation, I now awaken to a lady, with the beautiful truth of love within her heart. She now takes my hand and walks beside me, with all her love and sorrow deep within her knowing eyes, I kiss her deeply as we blend our awakening hearts.


For my darling Veronica 14/09/17







I Pray

Every morning I pray for the sick and suffering to be healed

I pray that the wisdom and power of unconditional love, fills all hearts and minds, so that we may create a world of harmony, balance, kindness, tolerance, love, and compassion, for all.

I pray and give thanks to you Great Spirit, for allowing me to serve you as a channel for Angels and Spirit. I ask  that all is done in service for you, is for the greatest and highest good.

I pray that I may always seek the highest good from myself, not only in service to you, but for the best possible life I can achieve, for me and all around me. 

I pray for Guidance to overcome my troubles, and to lead me to where I should be, and doing what I should be doing.

My prayer gives me focus on the new day, although I have my work to do, my prayer takes me out of my material mind, and closer to my creator, letting me know all things are possible, and that I am the creator of my life in thought and deed.

Prayer is thought, Prayer is mindfulness, Prayer is love, Prayer is from the heart, Prayer is the truth of our being, our connection our guide.


Stephen Rowlands 07/09/17

Rising up from my Past:- Service and Soul Lessons for a Lost Soul

Drowning in my past, stifled by past glories, am I destined to be a memory, of once was in heart and mind. The unknown creation beckons a new age, have I the fire and grace to serve,  as I gaze upon all time passed by.

Spirit beside me always as we walked through, the light and darkness of my choices. A journey of service to spirit is a lonely road, for a 23 year old  man, bringing the teachings and messages of spirit to the grieving, brokenhearted, and lost, healing to the sick I had found my calling in life. The more I did the more I was asked to do,   privately I was alone looking for​ the other half of my heart. 

Spirit love illuminates my darkness, as I look up to the source of light from the depths of my sorrow and regret. I cannot be that young man full of fire and grace, I have aged and walked down the road of my illusions, seeking what I am when in truth what I sought I am not, my love was blind.

Awakening in the autumn of my life, I look up to the  pale twilight sun. Merlin looks at me with warmth in his eyes, telling me all reality perceived my thoughts and emotions  felt throughout my life, have been my souls lessons and learning, they have brought me to this destiny, continue to walk your pathway serve us from your heart, the wanderer has now come home.






Over the years I have asked many people if they meditate, because I feel it could help them, or spirit feels it would help them to meditate, mostly I get the same answer. Its to difficult, my mind wanders , I have to much on my mind to meditate, I have not got the time to meditate. So I have decided to write this blog, to outline a simple way to meditate.

Meditation is a great way to relax and focus our minds, to find answers to questions, or to calm turbulent thoughts and emotions. The first thing I was taught  about meditation, is you cannot have imagination without an image, so meditation is simply day dreaming. And that is something we all do, but unlike day dreaming where our minds create the mental images we would like, such as winning the lottery, or getting a date with a film or pop star, being with someone we miss, or our penchant for looking back into the past, and the many what ifs that arise from mentally living in the past, our minds create the mental images of the most satisfying possibilities.

Meditation is in fact focussed day dreaming, whereby we mentally get the image we want, within our minds eye and allow everything else to take place without our input. A good starting meditation is to imagine yourself sitting alone on a beach, on a warm sunny day mentally put yourself on the beach, focus on smelling the sea air, hearing the waves lapping on the shore, watching seagulls flying above the waves, what other sights, sounds, and senses are you aware of. We only need to meditate for a few minutes to get the benefit of it.

Being perfect at meditation is not the point of meditation, levitating our minds  to a more peaceful, higher level of awareness is the aim of meditation. We are exercising mental muscles we don’t often use. But like any exercise, the more we do it the better we get at it, if we are distracted by other thoughts. Like work, or what to have for dinner, financial and emotional worries, discard those thoughts let them pass and get back to your beach the more frequently you meditate, I suggest 2 or 3 times a week, distractions will become less and less.


 A simple exercise  I use to prepare for meditation, to help focus my thoughts, is what is known as stepping into the moment, this is what I find best do, and works for me.

1, Find a comfy chair make yourself comfortable

2, Shut your eyes and inhale through your nose, and gently exhale from your mouth, this helps relax our muscles and stimulates our minds, to a slightly higher state of awareness, to prepare for meditation.

3, Realise it is only us that makes the noise with our thoughts and feelings, sit quietly and realise that you have peace and tranquility all around you. It is only us that makes the noise so put your thoughts and feelings to one side, it does not matter if a bomb is falling on your house, step into the peace and tranquility  of the moment. This can also be difficult to achieve, but the more we practice meditation we will find it easier to be in the moment.

4, Once in the moment or your feeling more relaxed, remember to discard any day to day thoughts, worries. anxieties, aches and pains. Not easy to do but practice makes perfect, I have been meditating for years, and still get distracted but don’t be disheartened, just get back to the image you started with.

Now your ready to visualise where you want to be, it can be anywhere but make sure it is a positive image, like sitting on a beach, or walking down a path in the forest, focus on what you can see. hear, sense, smell, within your image dont tamper with it let it play like a movie.

Meditation teaches us and helps us to discover our trueselves, other than what we have conditioned ourselves to become. Helping us to become a better version of ourselves, so honesty with ourselves is a priceless tool in meditation.

If you the reader meditates using the above suggestions, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me Email- stephen@thelifeandtimesofstevieboy.blog I will be happy to discuss the above steps with you.

There are also many guided meditations you can buy online, I hope this blog has helped. Stephen


The Voice Of My Heart

Silence manifests a stillness in early morn

Calling my heart to rise to its highest self

From my material being inertia in thought

Struggling against the shackles of my daily life

Twisting my emotions to anger denying love

Awoken and alive the selfless love of spirit

Envelopes the radiant light of love within me

Beckoning me to a pathway of service

My Truth My Way My Light

May never this worldly darkness fade


Soul Perception

We judge others,  in our physical bondage,  be aware our souls do not judge. All emotion thought, felt, expressed,  here is our souls growth,  Countless existances we as souls have lived.  

Oppressor and oppressed,  abuser and abused,  young, old, athletic, disabled, male female,  mother, father, brother, sister, soldier, sailor, nurse. Our souls have lived it all, and understand creation. 

To understand we have to become,  to become aware we have to live,  you I and we are souls.  We should not judge, but strive to understand.